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Free Website Templates is exactly that, all the templates on this site are free to use on your own site or Wordpress Blog but only if our copyright notice remains in place and active (no "nofollow" tags and the likes!). Of course our notice will not be as large as on this site template (it will actually be very tiny - see the previews). If you would rather not have our copyright notice then you may pay a small fee to remove it. If you pay for the website template then we will include any photoshop templates and other support material to enable you to mae your site unique. You will find more information about the do's and don'ts about using our templates in our Terms of Use . We have decided that the best way for us to preview our free website templates it to create a mini site using the template. Recommended singaporehotels . To see exactly how great our free website templates actually look you can follow the links in the "Template Demos" to the left or follow the links below to our Wordpress Templates

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