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Article Rules

Article Rules

To ensure that we only publish articles of a reasonable standard your article must meet the following conditions;

1) Uniqueness - Your article must be unique to a reasonably high percentage. Articles below 30% are automatically refused. Articles only a little more unique just get a quick glance and are usually refused. The rule of thumb here is that the higher the uniqueness the higher the chance of having your articles published.

2) Link Prominence - As a general rule we do not accept articles with any links in the first paragraph. If the article is outstanding then we may, in very rare circumstances, allow one link. The rule of thumb here is not to include links in the first paragraph.

3) Bold - We do not accept articles with links in bold. The use of bold is allowed but it should be used sparingly and in a reasonable fashion. If too much bold appears the article is not read and it is refused immediately. The rule of thumb here is to only use bold where it is really required - sub headings etc.

4) Article Length -  We only accept articles over 300 words in length but look for those in the region of 450 words. There should be a minimum of three paragraphs but really we look for 4 or more. Articles of only one paragraph get automatically refused.

5) Link Relevance - We will NOT accept irrelevant links in articles. Most importantly we do NOT accept misleading links and we will immediately remove or correct such links. We value our visitors and we will not have a link on any of our blogs that sends one of our visitors to a site other than the site to which the link refers. For example if the link text says "The Arthritis Foundation" then that is where the link should lead. If you want to include such links you must make it clear to the reader that they will be redirected to a page about the topic - ie "Information About The Arthritis Foundation". 

As you can see we are rather strict but doing things this way ensures that both parties benefit.

If your article meets these criteria you may


for consideration