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At the moment we do not wish to allow email contact. Unfortunately this, nearly always, ends up with us getting many spam emails. Whatever anti-spam methods we employ. we always get too many emails that take up too much of our time which we would rather spend creating more templates, especially more Wordpress themes which is our thing at the moment.

We will be adding a page on our "News" blog where you can request themes but other than that the only option you really have is to contact us via snail mail.

You can write to us at the following address:

Free Website Templates
c/o 12 Dunmore Crescent
Isle of Harris
Western Isles
United Kingdom

We apologise if this causes you difficulty but we really do not have sufficient time to spend answering continual emails about how to do this or that in Wordpress. If you have visited this page with the intention of asking us about various aspects of Wordpress we strongly suggest that you visit their site at http://wordpress.org/ or simply Google your quiery as there are plenty of people who will gladly help.

We may, at a later date, develop a few ebooks to help visitors get the very most from our templates and Wordpress themes but it will not be for some time yet - sorry