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How To Add Your Articles To Any Blog On Free Website Templates

Article Marketing is one of the best ways in which to promote your blog or web site and while this is a widely known fact few people realise that one of the main advantages to article marketing is that it generates enormous traffic. Without traffic (visitors) your blog or web site would be meaningless but most article marketing organizations charge a small fortune to send your article to a small number of blogs and sites for consideration for publication. This does not mean that your article will appear it just means that it stands a chance of appearing on the blogs or sites to which they submit your article to. At Free Website Templates we do not charge for including your article on our blogs but we do not add your article directly, instead we only accept articles from one source. The reason we only use the one source is that we need to ensure that each and every article added is unique and nearly all article marketing companies submit articles which have appeared on many other sites across the Internet. It is important to know that the company we use makes it so simple to create a unique article that anybody can do it.


Submitting Your Article To Free Website Templates


We do not have an "Add Article" facility as we can not afford the time or resources to examine each and every article submitted. However we accept articles from the company linked to below because they inform us exactly how unique an article is. If you join this company with the intension of having your article added here it is important to understand that we only accept articles with a high level of unique content. We refuse all articles below a fixed threshold.

See our Article Rules

To add your article here simply follow the link below. It is important that you read the page that follows!

If you wish to know more about having your article published on one of our blogs please take a look at the "Add Articles" section on our News Blog