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Please do not skip to the bottom as this page contains the VITAL  key to success in article marketing!

Key to you success online is having your own web site or blog. Though there are many that will argue the vast majority of Internet Marketers will agree that without a site or blog you will be swimming against the tide. Once you have your site sorted what will you do next? Should I start article marketing? Should I monetize? Etc. etc.

What to do next is one of the biggest questions out there and there are certainly plenty of folk charging small fortunes for rather thin guides to making a fortune online.  I have actually been involved in the Internet since before it began, back in the days of the “bulletin boards” and my BBC Micro computer. One thing I can say for certain is that the VERY FIRST THING YOU SHOULD DO when you have a site, is to populate it with QUALITY CONTENT, no ifs or buts, you simply have to have the very best content that you can write, buy or find. Now many folk buy PLR articles and I have been known to do this often BUT you must NEVER, under any circumstances, publish them raw, as they are. NO, you should only ever use these articles as a guide or a template and you should ALWAYS try to add something wholly unique, relevant and important. Now there was a time when you could get away with such content but these days the search engines, and visitors, know when somebody has been lazy and they will quickly move away from your site if is has no quality content.

So let us say you have your site/blog containing some of the finest content on that topic to be found anywhere on the Internet, what’s next? Now this part is easy, you need to let people know that your site/blog is there! What is the point of creating the perfect site if nobody knows it is there? Now the majority of Internet Marketers understand that one of the best ways in which to promote your site or blog is by using the technique known as “article marketing” together with a few other things which vary from marketer to marketer.

Getting Started In Article Marketing

Firstly you need to  be able to write suitable articles and I may cover this in a later post. There is no point rushing here as the best places to put your articles are very careful to make sure that they only have quality articles on their sites. One of the first places you should visit and register with is http://ezinearticles.com/ At one time this site was awash with all kinds of rubbishy articles but in the last few years they have taken great strides in ensuring only high quality articles are published and they are reaping the rewards and so are the authors. Now some IM’s (Internet Marketers) will argue that the point of article marketing is to get as many links to your site as possible so that you move up the search engines - WRONG.

The primary point of article marketing is to generate traffic to your site so always keep this in mind. I published a handful of articles on Ezine Articles and within only a few months I had received over 4,000 UNIQUE AND RELEVANT VISITORS specifically interested in what I had to offer! Of course there are benefits to many links but over the last few years this has depreciated considerable due to a number of key factors, the most important of which is uniqueness of the articles being published. Now there are plenty of article directories out there and you may wish to publish articles to as many as you can and there are places where you can get hold of article submission software which makes this process painless. However it is much better to have an article marketing strategy which involves publishing articles which are unique and to this end there are a couple of places where you can go where they make this wholly possible with the minimum of effort, time and fuss. Just take a look at our article rules and you will see that even we are strict now.

The Benefits Of Going Unique

Key to your success is getting visitors to your site

The more visitors you get to your site the more people you can sell to, it really is as simple as that. Now take a lose and careful look at the search engines and you will notice that duplicates of articles no longer appear. At one time, if you put in a search for a popular topic, you would often get many sites with the same content on their pages. Those days are over. Now there are plenty of arguements over duplicate content and whether or not it harms you and your site, let me tell you IT DOES HARM YOUR SITE I know from bitter experience and from the mouth of Google. This is the reason why most successful article directories now remove such content and try to avoid its submission in the first place.  Just try to submit an article to Ezine articles that appears elsewhere and see how far that gets you! To do article marketing well you need to be clever and put in the required effort. Being lazy is no longer an option, you will just be wasting your time. Yes there are many out there still doing it but they are FOOLS do you really want to be an idiot wasting his/her time or do you want to be one of the clever people? OR, to put it even simpler do you want to be a failure or a SUCCESS? - the answer is obvious to most.

I could go on explaining the numerous reasons why duplicate content is so bad but, believe me, I could write a large ebook about it (maybe I will one day). I have mentioned earlier that there are tools to help in the creation of unique content but there are actually two places where I always go to publish my own articles for my important sites and without them I would literally be lost. These places make everything so easy to create wonderfully successful articles and publish them in very specific places directly relevant to your article. Now please believe me this aspect is crucial.

Below are links to the two places I am discussing but before I give them to you I wish to point out that there are two distinct ways in which you can use these tools/services, the lazy way and the clever way. I have thousands of sites which reject well over 90% of the articles submitted because the folk submitting them have been lazy. I used to accept articles of a lesser standard but these sites where banned from Google very quickly. Nowadays I am strict and, so far, I have managed to keep these sites on Google. If you want to be lazy that is your choice but I strongly advise that you take the time to create articles which are as unique as possible. I have actually spent a whole day writing just one single article ready for publication but that is my most successful article ever and I am really pleased that I took that time to ensure its high quality. Please believe me when I say that, if you put in the effort you gain the rewards.

So please, before you follow these links conside what I have said about article marketing (above) and take the clever route to success ;-)





Be clever and use both very wisely and you will have success in just a couple of months (both links open in a new window).


Be clever and use both very wisely and you will have success in just a couple of months (both links open in a new window).