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Frequently Asked Questions

Q How do I contact You?

A At the moment we have no plans to have email contact as we wish to avoid spam at all costs so that we can maximize the amount of time we spend creating new Wordpress themes. However, you will be able to contact us from our "News" blog very soon or you could write to us - more details at our page Contact Us


Q Can I remove the link to your site?

A Sorry no you must provide a link back to our site on your homepage. You must not use the nofollow tag, redirects or similar. Although we automatically include a link at the bottom of the template this may be removed if a similar link appears in your blogroll or somewhere else on your homepage.


Q Can I remove any links and text in the CSS file?

A Sorry you must not alter or remove this text as it performs a vital function in the Wordpress template.


Q Can I sell your free templates?

A Certainly NOT, our templates are free and any templates sold on this site have their own agreements which must be adhered to as some may include resale rights while others may not. Always check the read me file and any agreements.


Q Can I offer your templates free then?

A No! Our templates may not be resold, repackages, given away free, included in bonuses etc.


Q Can your templates be edited in Dreamweaver or a similar editor?

A Yes, all our templates are easily edited BUT, even if you alter them lots, our links must remain in place and active.


Q Do you trade reciprocal links or 3 way links?

A Yes we do accept reciprocal links but we do NOT trade 3-way-links as these are generally unfairly biased in favor of the person offering them. If you wish to trade links with our site please apply through link2me.com or Addweb's tool.